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About Our Research

Our research covers a wide range of liquid global asset classes. We cover Equities, Currencies, Interest Rates, and Commodities, beginning with a high-level perspective and moving into a detailed focus on specific markets. The broad scope of this work speaks to market participants on many timeframes and in many situations, and allows our clients to use it in whatever way best suits their needs. Waverly produces three main research reports (in addition to bespoke work):

The Tactical Playbook (TP) – for active shorter-term traders and managers

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  • Focusing on the daily/weekly timeframes
  • Trade recommendations with clear, precise entry and exit points and risk management guidelines
  • Centered around a hybrid systematic-discretionary methodology. Our clients find many ways to implement our ideas in their own investment processes
  • In-depth technical 'drill down' into major asset classes
  • Insightful trading techniques and Commoditiesncepts
  • Excellent performance identifying tactical / technical inflections in the market

The Tactical Portfolio Outlook (TPO) – for managers and investors working with longer investment horizons

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  • Addresses both the allocator and the longer-term active trader
  • Emphasis on allocating and executing with ETFs in either a long-only or a long-short environment
  • Focus on Equities, Equity Sectors, Fixed Income, and Commodities
  • Macro perspective on risk factors and major economic events
  • Trade and allocation examples focused on an ETF-based investment universe

The Options Market Outlook (OMO) – for the options trader or the manager looking reduce risk, enhance income, or find opportunistic trades through derivatives

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  • Uniquely combines a tactical (directional) bias with volatility analysis
  • Opportunistic trades based on tactical opportunities in the market
  • Insight into what hedges make sense in the current environment, and how to implement those hedges in a portfolio context
  • Analytics that enhance short vol strategies such as buy writes, covered calls, or short puts